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With India being the fastest growing economy in the world, at the same time being the wildest market in the world, the players need protection from the

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Attorneys at our firm have handled the incorporation of domestic companies and subsidiaries of multinational corporations in India. Our Attorneys have an

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Consumer Disputes

We endorse the philosophy that ‘Consumer is the king in any market’. We protect and enforce the rights of consumers and product/service

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Criminal Law

Our attorneys have vast knowledge and experience in laws, rules, practices, and procedures that apply in criminal matters. We advise our clients on all

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Attorneys at Our firm advise clients across various industries with emerging issues under the environmental laws. Our Attorneys have assisted its clients

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Information and Technology

With the growing knowledge-based industries in the Indian market, Associates at our Firm make all endeavours to keep track of the new and emerging

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Insolvency & Bankruptcy

Attorneys at our Firm have extensively worked on insolvency cases under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code. We have represented financial creditors,

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Intellectual Property Laws

In the present era, when there is a deluge of products in the consumer market, intellectual property helps the consumer to make an educated choice.

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Litigation and dispute resolution

Attorneys at our firm have extensive knowledge and experience in civil and commercial litigation and arbitration.

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Personal Laws

Attorneys at our Firm are sensitive about the emotional trauma of a person undergoing matrimonial or family disputes, and precisely because of our

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Real Estate

Attorneys at our Firm have an expertise in the extensive Real Estate practice. Our team has advised developers, landowners on legal and regulatory

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Transactional advice

Attorneys at our firm have advised various clients in different industries. We aid in contract negotiations, drafting and review. Our attorneys have drafted

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